Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Secret Garden

It's our last day in Phuket - Chrysalis is well recovered from her birth, Sahyan is growing and healthy, the Songkran holiday is over... So Littletree and I fly back to Bankgkok tomorrow to stay with my good friend, Mamarabbit.

We're just having a slow day around the house, enjoying the garden one last time.

25 garden

The pond

20 garden

All the beautiful flowers

21 garden


22 garden

The bridge

32 garden

Littletree spends so much time playing in the enormous garden, she finds loads of faeries and secret little corners. 

28 garden

It's been wonderful staying here, and it was so great to see Frangipani and Anit and Bonne and see how their babies are growing. I miss being able to watch the babies whose birth I've attended growing up, so it's been great to see them all again.

Next week we'll be back home, after our Bangkok adventures...


  1. Gorgeous garden! Enjoy your last day :-)

  2. Divine blog & incredible adventures.... thanks for sharing x


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)