Sunday, 19 April 2009

Melting in Bankgok

Littletree and I took our flight to Bangkok yesterday morning - we had plenty of time, but still almost missed the flight waiting for Chrysalis-time ;) It was really sad to say good bye to her and all the family.

We arrived to Bangkok fine, and took a taxi to Mamarabbit's house. Littletree was so excited to visit them again, and the kids had a great time playing. This morning we came in to town to do some shopping - I'm buying loads of pretty things to fill up our new house.

The fun thing about Bangkok is that it's a bit like being in a small village - I can barely walk down the street without running into some friends I know. I ran into my good friends M&M and met their new baby, and staying in our guest house was one sister I met at the Thai World Rainbow Gathering about 2 years ago


The bad thing about Bangkok (especially at this time of year) is the heat. it's hot, HOT, steamy, stinky, hot, sweaty, HOT, and really really HOT. Way hotter than it was in Phuket. I think for the first time ever I actually wish I'd gotten an air conditioned room.

At least there was a rainstorm at sunset, which brought a brief respite, and a rainbow


But of course, it just got steamy again after that. Ah well, in a couple of days we'll be back home again, and winter will be starting; no doubt I'll wish for heat!

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