Friday, 10 April 2009

Cute Baby

Chrysalis' baby is getting bigger and bigger every day - he's six days old today and all the family went out to take him to a Wat (Thai Buddhist temple) to see a 115-year-old monk who would hopefully give him a name.

Somehow that didn't work out, and Chrysalis has bought a few Thai baby-name books. Still no name, but there's time :)

Here's baby enjoying his bath; seems that water-born babies really love the water


And Chrysalis enjoying her new sling made by the fabulous Frangipani (she makes and sells them in a wide range of spectacular colours).


Littletree has been really helpful with the baby, Chrysalis took this video of her holding him - it's hilarious! (for those who don't manage to watch the video, Littletree was holding the baby, and it's all very cute, and then he peed on her and she threw him off her lap LOL)

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  1. he is so big. I think he looks like a Samson or a Simon. Or David would be a good name.
    Little tree is too cute!


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