Sunday, 26 April 2009

Belly Dance

I'm finally getting settled in at home, and getting over the jet lag. It's been really nice to hang about with friends in the village, and Littletree is so happy to be home.

She's been practicing her belly dancing a lot, especially since Purple bought her a belly dancing costume for her birthday

03 belly dance

The video is a bit dark, but you get the idea.


Last night we went to a little party at a neighbour's house (well, actually Littletree went with some friends, Purple and I just wandered down to check on her after a couple of hours), and they had a harp there, which Littletree spent ages playing on, while singing her current favourite song:

Earth my body,

Water my blood,

Air my breath and

Fire my spirit.

So now she really wants to get a harp. Not guitar or violin as previously desired. Ah well. One day when I'm rich ;)


  1. Adorable! She is such a blessed little girl! Happy days!

  2. Shake those hips Littletree! What a great dancer you are!

  3. Welcome home Littletree and Majikfaerie- I have so enjoyed reading about your adventures

  4. What a sweet little angel. Thanks for sharing.


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