Monday, 20 April 2009

Last day in Thailand

I cut our Bangkok shopping trip short - I got all essential things I *really* wanted, and all the things other people asked me to get, and a few other nice things... not everything I wanted to get, and I surely would have liked to spend more time, and buy more stuff, but Littletree was hot and bothered, and had enough of me dragging her around.

It was just so hot, Littletree was refusing to eat. Though she did have her usual favourite - noodle soup - for breakfast (note the skilful chopstick usage)

69 noodle soup

Mamarabbit called me to say they would be going swimming in the afternoon, so we skipped lunch, raced back to our guest house and packed to get to their place in time.

Though I'm a bit disappointed I didn't get to do all the things I wanted to to in Bangkok (I wanted to get a new digital camera, and have Littletree's teeth and mine cleaned at the dentist, among other things), Littletree had a fantastic time swimming and playing with the kids, so it was worth it.

73 swimming

And Mamarabbit's twins are sooooo cute!

71 swimming twins

Anyway, coming here early was good because it meant I had loads of time to chat about midwifery with Mamarabbit, and drool over her awesome book collection


Tomorrow morning really early we fly back to Australia...

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  1. Well I think I would rather go swimming than go to the dentist any day! And those twins are awfully cute! Have a safe trip home! Glad you girls have had so much fun.


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