Thursday, 16 April 2009

Littletree's 6th Birthday

Yesterday was Littletree's 6th birthday, and what an extravaganza it turned out to be! I think this might end up being two posts, since the day was so huge - two parties, kids games, cake, presents, a magic show, fireworks, toasts and wishes, a massive feast on a yacht...

My birthday present to Littletree was a princess fairy costume, and Chrysalis made her fairy wings to complete the costume.


Farjah and Marjah bought her a set of miniature doll-houses


We had a few of Littletree's friends over for a party


Farjah set up a treasure hunt for the kids


The kids had a great time running all over the enormous garden following the clues


We had a pass-the-parcel


A Pin-the-Wings-on-the-Fairy, which I didn't take a photo of, and one crazy game where the kids had to pick a chocolate out of the bottom of a bowl of jelly - using only their mouths!


I thought it looked revoting, but Chysalis joined in and loved it.


Finally we had cake - a sickening, frothy, decorated sponge cake from the Thai bakery - at Littletree's request.

CIMG6408The cream on top was so thick and sweet no one could eat it - not even Littletree, but it was pretty, and she loved it anyway

In the end, it was time for the kids to go, and they invited Littletree to go with them to swim at their yacht for the afternoon.


After a big clean-up and a brief rest, we all piled into the car to go to the yacht for a party... which I'll save for another post. As it is this one is waaay long and I'm not sure it will load, so I've kept the photos small.



  1. Yay! Happy Birthday Littletree! What a beautiful little fairy you are. I'm so happy you had such a good time.


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