Monday, 13 April 2009

Sahyan Jarranin

It seems my blog was experiencing some technical difficulties over the last day - I think I've sorted it out now, so I hope it's all working again and I apologise if anyone was inconvenienced.

After the creepy crawly story yesterday, I'll go back to cute pics of Chrysalis' baby. He now has a name; Sahyan Jarranin - it's a Thai name, Sahyan meaning Twilight and Jarranin meaning well-natured.

46 baby

Sahyan is really a well-natured bubba. He is so alert and peaceful

47 baby awake

Here he is with Kesem

50 baby magic

It's really been such a wonderful time here; I've felt really at home with Chrysalis, and her family have made me feel like one of the tribe. Littletree loves them all as well (especially as Farjah and Marjah brought her some new Faraway Tree stories - her favourite books at the moment).

Here we all are sharing a family dinner:

54 family dinner

At the end of the week Littletree and I will be on our way, back to Australia...


  1. What a gorgeous little boy! With a lovely new name. Safe travels home.

  2. Lovely name and lovely family and friends. You must be feeling quite reluctant to come back! LOL! Glad your blog is back up! Hugs xxxx

  3. So very glad you are fully back in blogland! Also glad you are safe in your space in Thailand. You often seem to be in places where there are difficulties but you always come out well!
    Sahyan Jarranin is a beautiful name, very soft and easy on the tongue and ears! He is obviously also blessed to be born into such a loving family.


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