Friday, 25 January 2013

Littletree’s Little Business

Littletree’s entrepreneurial talents have been full-speed ahead lately; in addition to her usual brownie and muffin selling, she’s been making loads of earrings and selling them, frantically saving up money.

57 crafting earrings

Faster than I ever would have guessed possible, she had enough to buy herself her current coveted item – an iPod Touch. Well, this was also expedited by Apple bringing out the 5th Generation iPod Touch, and phasing out the 4th Gen ones, which meant that they suddenly became very cheap in stores, and she’s very happy to have it, regardless of being “last year’s model”.


First there was the great unboxing


And the magical moment of peeling off the screen cover


And voila!


Of course, then I had to spend a couple of hours installing iTunes on her computer and reminding myself how much I really hate iTunes and wondering why it has to be so damn difficult…

But I’ll chalk it up to an educational experience.


And Littletree is stoked; listening to music, playing games, messaging her friends, reading e-books, and learning stuff. She even bought herself a cute cover for it.

Now she’s redoubled her savings efforts, with the goal to buy a better telescope.

Friday, 18 January 2013

An Elven Adventure

Littletree has taken to Dungeons and Dragons – I suppose it was inevitable, what with all the geekery already going on in that child (remember we’re talking about a kid who wanted scale plush microbes for her birthday and who thinks drawing up molecular structures is a fun afternoon).

I asked my parents if they could send up some of the old books and dice we played with when I was young, and Littletree got a Player’s Handbook and her own set of dice from the Google SecretSanta at Christmas…

11 forest dice35 D&D

And away she went creating a character.


Lindy, the Ranger Elf.

Lindy has Autumn-ginger hair (oddly, about the same colour as Littletree’s), is fairly short for an elf (go figure), is a skilled archer, and wears leather armour. Lindy also has a keen sense of perception, and a strong connection to nature. She has great skill in climbing trees and in healing (sound familiar?)


So we go on little adventures, and the learning never stops. So much mental arithmetic, reading, statistics, calculations, as well as spatial awareness and strategy. Fun times!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

C is for Cookie

Littletree has been doing some workbooks lately, and one of them – a phonics workbook, of all things – included a simple recipe for simple sugar biscuits.

So off she went, measuring,


Sifting (I love the old fashioned retro sifter I found at an op shop!)


Rolling out dough and cutting shapes


and lo! Biscuits!


She even did the dishes :-)

And it was educational too – we learned that it’s better to put two trays in the oven that squish everything together to make it all fit on one tray… and we learned that if you put a leaf-shaped biscuit too close to the bum of a bunny-shaped biscuit it comes out stuck together looking like a squirrel-shaped biscuit!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Conversations with Littletree

Don't get advice from

rocks, they always talk in

riddles and it's impossible

to get a straight answer.

Trees, on the other hand,

will tell you what you

need to know, but they

ramble on and on and on;

they never get to the point.

-- wisdom from Littetree

2013-01-08 15.57.15-1

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Half My Life

Now that the new year has passed, my dreadlocks can count their 17th birthday, and I realised (actually a couple of months ago), that I’ve passed the point where I’ve had them for more than half my life.

Given that I started them at sixteen-and-a-half, and I’m now thirty-three (and a half), so here’s a tribute to an epic journey – they’re not quite as long as they used to be – a few years back they were to my ankles, but that proved to be a hazard, so I keep them hovering around knee-length (for more history and dreadlock Q&A, see this old post on my Fifteen-Year-Dreadversary). 

54 hair flip

55 hair flip

58 hair flip

56 hair flip

57 hair flip

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

One more trip around the Sun

Now that we've all survived another trip around the sun, and as we embark on another, entitled, 2013, I want to wish everyone a Happy and Awesome New Solar Revolution

Naturally, being a “new year”, I’ve been having long discussions with Littletree about what a year actually means – one trip around the Sun for the Earth, and how different cultures mark the start of each year at different times, and how different calendars calculate such things. And that rabbit hole of research led us, like so many things, to learning about the Sun, and the NASA website…

solar flare (1)

She pointed out the same thing I remember saying to my mother when I was about her age – what’s the point of calling it a “new” year, when every day starts a new year. And for each person, a new year really starts on their birthday.