Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Pre-natal Care

Chrysalis is getting closer and closer to her birthing, but it still looks like she has a ways to go. My money is on 6th of April, at 2:47am ;)

We've been encouraging her to do some pelvic rocking exercises, and prenatal yoga, as well as sitting on the birth ball that a friend lent her.

85 chris birth ball

I really love doing midwifery care when I'm living with the woman, or at least very nearby. I feel a lot more confident to know what's going on with her baby and body, having the chance to truly tune in and connect. We can check her blood pressure regularly if there's an indication for it, listen to the baby's heartbeat every day, and feel the baby's position. 

90 fht

It's great for Chrysalis to be able to listen to her baby's heart, and we're even training up the next generation into natural midwifery care :)

89 pao fetascope

Meanwhile, Bonne and Pan left yesterday, back to Cambodia. We'll miss them loads! But on the plus side, Chrysalis' parents and younger brother arrived.


  1. i have a whole bunch of questions all the time! i need ur email so i don't look so stupid on ur comment page! lol. i'm looking into becoming a midwife (have been for a while) i'm wondering how u deal with the law and it changing from place to place and how much u charge. in the US every state has different laws about how to get ur license and it's all different. where i live all i have to do is take a test and then apprentice for a year. i have to majorly study for that test tho which means reading ALOT! how did u get to be a midwife? how do u deal with all the technicalities?

  2. I have followed your blog for awhile now and I am just in awe at the places you go and the adventures you have! I have been checking for days awaiting the new babys arrival! I wish I looked that good so close to delivery! LOL!

  3. wondering if or how you get paid? i mean seriously, i'd do this stuff for nothing....(maybe i'd want some help w/travel 'spenses).....but admirable....and these're the only blog i read...good luck, chris~ living with would be worth a million bucks.

  4. thanks for reminding me that I need to put a "contact me" button on my page :)

    Gypsimomma, you can email me at info [at]

    Little House, each birth I arrange a payment plan to fit the parents. I generally expect all expenses to be covered, and on top of that it's by donation. (for this birth, I'm getting my flights and living expenses covered for the time I'm here).

    blsmom; thanks :) I'll definitely post the birth announcement

  5. Fabulous stuff. Very exciting! And yayyy, an Aries baby!!! :-D

  6. She is lovely. I hope she has a easy time of it.


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