Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Today while I stayed home to study and take care of Chrysalis, Farjah and Marjah and Brarjah took Littletree out to the Phuket Aquarium.

Littletree had gone there once when we were here last year, and loved it. She came home so excited, having learned so much about various kinds of fish, so she was really excited to go again (not to mention I was about ready for a quiet day!)

(Photos courtesy of Farjah):

Littletree and the whale:


Flower Brain Fish:


Freaky fish: DSCF2344

Clown fish and anemone: DSCF2366

Sea turtle:


So at least I can say Littletree is doing 'educational' things while we're here too ;)


  1. Well sounds like you are having a "ball" and not going and getting "balled" like some people we know hey?

    I must send S another letter so she can send me one. Everyone keeps admiring her letter on the fridge! LOL! And wondering who on earth she is. I might have to get a picture of her and hang it next to it.

  2. LOL at the educational stuff MF! Sounds like youre having a great time over there....both of you!

  3. I love the photo of the Sea Turtle.:)

  4. what an interesting turtle.
    That fish is a scary looking thing. I would hate to meet it in the water.
    Sounds like a wonderful place for your little tree. She is having a blast I think.


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