Thursday, 16 April 2009

Littletree's 6th Birthday - pt 2

So after we had the kid's party at home, Littletree went with her friends to the Infinity yacht to have a swim. All us grown-ups came later. There was a HUGE party on the boat; just coincidentally on the same day as Littletree's birthday.

There was about 35 people there for a huge feast.

47 birthday yacht party

There was so much good food, and we all ate heaps, amidst dozens of beautiful toasts.

50 birthday yacht party

We all hung out enjoying and chatting while the kids played and danced

48 birthday yacht party

Kesem did an amazing magic show

54 birthday magic show

Here's a short video of the end:

After the magic show, we set off a big fireworks display - Littletree's biggest birthday wish. It was fantastic!

64 birthday fireworks

and of course the boys loved the chance to play with fireworks ;)

63 birthday fireworks

We stumbled home after 1am, after a boat ride back to the shore through water shimmering with phosphorescence. Littletree fell asleep in the car home, after hugging me so much and telling me it was the best birthday ever :)



  1. How very magical! Happy Birthday to Little Tree!

  2. Both parties sound fabulous! LT is a gorgeous fairy princess. The fireworks look amazing. What a special day. Happy 6th birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday, Little Tree!

    You're just :) a supermom, with a superkid, and I thank you for sharing. It's always a delight to read about you. (of course, the creeapy animals don't count :))) )

  4. Wow!! What a birthday!! Audrey thought it was pretty special :) Happy Birthday Little Tree!

  5. Happy Birthday Little Tree!!
    what a awesome birthday party :)
    looks like lots of fun.

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