Monday, 6 April 2009

Post Natal Celebrations

It's been quite a whirlwind of activity around here since the birth of the baby (whose name is yet to be announced). We've all been quite busy attending to Chrysalis' post natal recovery, getting her into herbal sitz baths and helping to take care of the baby.

Littletree painted this amazing picture of the birth, which is pretty accurate, and in my totally unbiased opinion, absolutely fantastic :)

37 birth painting

Chrysalis is recovering from the birth really well, check out her flat tummy, just one day post partum:

07 chris 1 day pp

Yesterday a whole crowd of friends came over to meet the newborn.

12 baby visit

They brought an enormous feast for lunch so we all sat around chatting and gorging ourselves on good food.

14 celebration lunch


17 celebration lunch


  1. she looks amazing to have just had a baby!
    Food looks good..what kind was it. I only recognize the salad.
    Little tree did very good on her artwork..I would save that one.
    How did you get into being a midwife.
    Did you get medical training or work in a hospital?
    It is very rare here, the reason I am asking. Everyone has a obgyn and goes to the birthing center at the hospital..
    My grandmother had 8 children at home but that was in the 30's.
    How is the new baby?

  2. What an amazing painting, I would get that one framed. The detail is fantastic for such a little girl to paint!

    The feast looks like fun too! We had a feast too last night, only problem was I had to prepare it all! LOL! Oh well such is life!

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  4. *oops* typo!

    I love that painting - she has drawn you beautifully!

    welcome to the world baby boy!


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