Monday, 9 July 2007

Market Day

Yesterday was a slow morning, helping Purple to pack before we went out to the Channon Market. Of course, we got about 15km from home when I suddenly asked Purple if he had taken his crumpet out of the grill. Nope! so we had to go home and save it from burning down before heading off again...

Anyway, the market was fun, we ran into a few friends, browsed hippie stalls and mostly just hung out. Towards the end we drifted to the drumming at the Rainbow Chai Tent.

I played Chasey with Littletree amongst the chai drinkers while Purple went off in search of food. As the crowd grew and the drumming kicked off, we retreated to the edge of the crowd to survey the scene.

While I stood chatting with old friends, Littletree started a very elaborate series of little trenches in the gravel, and built little twig bridges over them. She was experimenting with many different ways of setting up her various bridges, and of course, very upset when about once every minute someone walked through it all :( I ended up spending much of the afternoon playing security guard to her village of bridges, and the only way we managed to get her to leave was with the promise of constructing bigger bridges at home. So I've gotta start reading up about architecture and engineering!

This morning we drove Purple to the airport in Ballina, about 45 minutes away. He flew to Israel for work for three weeks. Naturally, Littletree was excited about seeing the aeroplanes, and made me stay to watch it take off. I was doing my best to point out all the technical features and explain all about aerodynamics, but mostly she was just interested in the windows; why the plane has so many and why they dont open...

On the way home we visited J and L, the girls played happily for a couple of hours while I chatted with J. And now we have three weeks just to be at home by ourselves :D

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