Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Journeying Within

We went to the Library last week, and Littletree was surprisingly uninterested in looking at picture books, or reading stories. I felt a little taken aback.
So we decided to leave, bookless.

But on the way out, I saw a cool looking book in the Adult Non-Fiction area, though it was clearly a non-fiction book for kids. Its called The Incredible Journey Through The Human Body and Littletree was instantly addicted! Its a really cool book, which basically describes how the body works, described in a way that feels like you are a tiny being travelling through the body's systems.

There are holes in the page, so you can see through to the next part, and great illustrations.

Basically, it starts at the mouth, and travels the length of the digestive system, at the end of which we end up escaping the fate of the other food and slipping through the intestinal wall into the blood stream, and then follow that through various organs, till we get to the lungs, learn about respiratory system, and up to the brain and nervous system, escaping out of the eye.

So now Littletree is constantly talking about how her body works, she is really aware of the different processes that make up her being. Before she knew that food gives her body energy to grow, but now she knows that food is broken down by chewing, digested in the stomach and the nutrients are absorbed through vili in the intestine, while waste is mixed back in and it all turns to poop.

She is really interested in how the taste buds work, and how different parts of the tongue taste different flavours; after we read that page, she ran to the fridge to start tasting different things on different parts of her tongue.

Unschooling at its best :)

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  1. Another great tip - thanks! Lucia asked me yesterday why the food takes such a long time to turn into poop. We've looked at 'human body' books before, but this one looks especially fun.


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