Friday, 27 July 2007

The Fairy's Brew

Yesterday we went to town to meet some new friends. Afterwards, doing some shopping around town, I bought Littletree a bunch of art and craft supplies...


Big sheets of coloured card, sketch pads, paint brushes, new markers, sparkles... and more food dye.

Of course the second we got home, the sparkles were immediately spread throughout the house :-/ at least they're green.

This morning, she woke up early demanding that we go next door to invite Ana over to do colouring. I helped the girls get set up with glasses and jars filled with water, medicine droppers, the food dye, paint brushes, paper, bottles... they spent ages excitedly mixing drops of colour to make a variety of shades. It was really great, and we talked about how different colours can mix to make other colours.

Littletree finally understood why I had put my foot down in the store and only bought 3 colours; red, yellow and blue, rather than the full range of colours she had wanted. Of course I tried to explain it to her in the shop, but she didn't get it till we actually did it.

Then they were using the paintbrushes to paint with the different colours, and got into making pictures. Ana went outside and picked some white flowers and brought them in to dye different colours, then she glued the petals onto her painting. It was great!

Littletree mixed a glass of colour and brought it over to me saying "here mother, I made dark green for you. Just pretend it's beer and drink it!" How could I refuse ;-)

In the end, they ran over to show Ana's mum the bottle of pink water she'd made, and I was left to clean up the mess... I did keep all the colours that weren't so mixed they became black, they look fantastic arranged on the window sill. My only problem now is that we dont have any more drinking glasses!

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