Saturday, 7 July 2007

The Case of the Missing Plasters

We have a big box of Plasters, really good Elastoplast, the fabric kind with really good stickyness, that I bought in Thailand when they were really cheap. But they are the kind that disappear whenever you need them. Its funny, I've had them in my backpack all this time, and I always just knew they're there any time I need them. And quite a few times in the un-packing and re-packing of our travels I've seen them.

But for some reason, everytime we actually need a plaster, they aren't there. A bit like Macavity the Mystery Cat. A few times, we stopped in the supermarket, wondering if we should buy plasters, and every time I say, 'no, we have that whole huge box somewhere'. When we moved into this house, we found them, put them somewhere useful, never to be seen again.

Well, I shouldn't say never, because Purple said he's seen them twice since then, both times in a different, random, obscure place.

So, Purple is trying to fix our front door, which is really a kind of a joke door, as it doesnt close properly, and the gaps around it let in so much cold wind I just gave up on it and blocked the whole thing off with a big heavy blanket. It means we cant use the door, but we have 2 others and it made a huge difference to the warmth of the house.

Anyway, he decided to put a doorstep in that blocks off the gap at the bottom, repair the hinges a bit and is now trying to put in a board to cover the gap at the top. Only he cut his finger, not badly, but enough... and we cant find the plasters! (of course).

I'm searching everywhere (and hey, its not a big cottage, basically just one room) but they're no where to be found. Purple said he saw the packet just a couple of days ago, but cant remember where.

I suspect the Butler is guilty... his alibi is paper-thin, and he's always been jealous of them.

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