Sunday, 15 July 2007

Pink Hair

This morning we were eating breakfast when I heard rustling footsteps in the leaves outside, I assumed it was the bush turkey walking about, but I glanced up and it was a ...
We raced outside, well, slowly tiptoed outside, but it ran up a tree. I managed to snap a photo, but not a very good one:

Meanwhile, it turns out Littletree actually wanted to have a Barbie with Pink hair, so... getting creative, I bought some Pink food colouring (Thanks to A+A for the inspiration).

In the store I was looking at the food colourings, musing to myself if it would work, and there was a woman standing behind me looking at the pasta section, and she heard me talking to myself and said that her granddaughter had coloured her hair with food dyes, and it worked fine, and didnt rub off on all the clothes and blankets; it just wore off in the shower.

Yay! Confirmation!
So, this morning, we dyed Barbie's hair. I took a medicine dropper, and showed Littletree how to drip the colour into her hair, while I brushed it through. It worked great, and then Littletree decided we should do her hair too.

I coloured a few of her dreads, and rubbed some through her fringe, I think the final effect is really cool.

Littletree really loves it, she went ouside in the sun so it can dry, and then used up the rest of the bottle of colouring making potions in different containers.
I'm curious how long it will last and maybe I'll buy the full range of colours next time and we can do rainbow hair!

In The Process: _____________________________ The Finished Product:


  1. " ...and thats why I choose majikfaerie blogs... when I need up to date information..."

    You are one of the few I know utilizing it to the fullest...

    Man is she growing fast, I can see it...


  2. really? I look at her every day and I dont notice her growing LOL


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