Thursday, 5 July 2007

Aloe, Stockings and Hammoks

This morning, Littletree found a kind of Aloe in our garden and she was so excited, and came running to show me the "Aloe Vera - just like in Tel Aviv!"

On closer inspection, we decided its not Aloe Vera, but another kind, and we got online to search for it. Littletree was so interested in all the different kinds of Aloe, until the google search got us to a page of a hosiery company that has a line of stockings made with Aloe Vera "for silky legs", and she was even more interested in the pics of mostly-naked women in stockings.

Meanwhile, Purple is hard at work in the hammok. I laugh to think of everyone who works with him in his office - They think he's roughing it in the bush, while they're lushing it up in a fancy A/C office with a good coffee machine and take-away sushi, but the reality is more like this:

Anyway, the weather has been wonderful and sunny and hot (we didnt even need to light the fire the last 2 nights), but now the wind is picking up, so there might be rain on the way...

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