Saturday, 28 July 2007

Help! I'm dying!

Well, my computer is anyway, which is directly transferrable, since my computer is my life.
Or at least, a pretty big part of it.

Its been a fun journey, this computer thing. I'm learning a LOT about how computers work, how the internet works...

In the interests of trying to make my computer work again, I'm finding out about registry fixers, anti-virus stuff, spyware, adware, underware, disc cleaners, junk files... lately I'm becoming very familliar with the Blue Screen of Death, which is popping up with ever-increasing frequency.

I didn't know what it was, other than something gravely wrong with my computer. The first time it popped up, it flashed away before i could really see what it said, but the second time, I was quick enough to take a photo.

I emailled it to Purple, who explained about bluescreen... Apparently, it is famous for popping up when Bill Gates was giving a demonstration of a new version of Windows.

Meanwhile, my computer is still struggling, its getting slower and slower every day :( It keeps crashing, it wont play discs, it gets even slower. My good buddy Bluescreen pops up again. Today I got another error message. Its frustrating. I've been doing all these diagnostic and repair things, mostly guided by Purple online - he showed me this amazingly cool add-on in Skype called Unyte, we both signed on to it, set the right settings and BANG! Purple had control of my computer from afar. I just sat back and watched while the mouse ran around the screen and words were magically typed. It was very cool, and I highly recommend trying it, if only for the novelty value.

My solution? I think I'm just gonna buy myself a new computer, and retire this one in Littletree's direction (actually, its pretty much hers already).

SO! I am hereby opening the official Donate to Buy Me a New Computer Fund, just think of how it will further Littletree's education, having her own computer! why, she will very quickly have to learn all this marvellous stuff about Kernels and Bluescreens and whatnot. All donations can be made with just a few clicks of your mouse; if you can drag your eyes away from my scintillating prose for just a second, gaze at the upper right of the page: there is a PayPal donate button... If you've never used PayPal before, its time you learned - think of it as an educational experience!


  1. Unyte- and then Purple can be a magic genie that lives in my computer too...


  2. you gotta buy a Mac!!!

    no blue screen... and much more fun :)



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