Sunday, 22 July 2007

Hey, Where Did Everybody Go?

So, I've been a little bit slack lately, but it's not my fault! Purple sent me a copy of the new Harry Potter book, and I've been a little bit lost in it. I'm now starting to suspect that its not the "real" book, but a fanfiction, anyway, I dont really care, as I'm having fun reading it, and if it is, then I'll get to read another one when we buy the JKR version.

For me the only sad part is that Littletree is still too young to appreciate Harry Potter. Though I can look forward to reading them with her in another couple of years.

Though I've managed to keep us both more-or-less fed, I did neglect to cut firewood the other day, meaning that we spent one frigid night without a fire. OOPS!

We also managed to drive down to Byron Bay to play with A, M and Z on the beach, and we went to the Mullumbimby markets yesterday, where Littletree got her face painted, and was just cute in general. I did end up bidding for a bag of Barbies on eBay, they should be arriving in the mail soon and I did a lot of work in the veggie garden... So I guess I wasn't as slack as I could have been (heck, if I wouldn't have a child, I probably wouldn't leave the sofa till I'd finished the book!)

This morning I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me, only to feel a sharp itchy sensation on my belly. Closer inspection revealed a large spider clinging to the inside of the towel, which I promptly threw outside. I suppose I should go and fetch it before the sun goes down ;-) and maybe chop some wood...


  1. funny you have done the ebay barbie thing too :) M is spending so much time with them at the moment... we are trying to listen to her whispers to understand what her barbie games are about... they seem v complicated.

    Just went to Anne's mum's in bris. She gave M a "gym barbie" complete with "aerobic barbie song tape"!! It was deep in a cupboard but M remembered it from almost a year ago apparently when she wanted it but back then we were still in our "no barbie" household... what a difference a year can make hey?

    btw – your copy of Harry Potter is definitely different to Rowlings. Just got a copy today and the first chapter is totally different. Maybe yours is better though? Will let you know.

  2. omg! That's your TOWEL? Ahhh!!

  3. yep, that is my towel, and the little friend that was crawling in it when I started drying myself! the only reason I didn't scream and freak out is that I didn't want to scare Littletree.

    I'm actually really excited about getting these barbies...


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