Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Purple Free

The last couple of days were just me and Littletree staying at home and enjoying life. We planted some seedlings in the garden, played a lot outside, fed the cows, read stories, drew pictures... Ninny from next door came over to play quite a bit too; the girls have decided they are Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, and they spend much of the day up the avocado tree behind the house.

Today Littletree found out that she can pull the ends off her markers, and discovered that they have interesting stuff inside...

She pulled all the bits apart, got herself covered in ink and made some nice art from the ink-sponge inside, and then made me a 'birthday cake' from all the used up bits :D

I managed to connect with some other Unschooling families in the area, we hope to get a visit in next week. I'd so love to connect with other families, and get more involved in the community.

We found this cool branch that dropped off one of the palm trees; it looks like a mini-tree, attached to a perfect headband shape. So I did the obvious - it looked great, but was a bit too heavy and unwieldly for general wear.

But still, I think it suits me.

In the meantime, I want to get more into the garden, and fix the treehouse, and build a bridge, and tidy the files on my computer, and read more books (I have a stack to read!) and...

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