Tuesday, 3 July 2007


So, we are trying to answer the age-old question: if you serve beer in a kiddy-cup, is it still bad for kids?
Meanwhile, we just found out that the property our wonderful new home is on got sold (well, they're still working out the paperwork). Seems the new owner is happy for us to stay, but Joybelle will have to move, bursting our bubble of making an Unschooling group.
Next door has some new chicks, and Littletree spent some time playing with them. She wanted to know why they have to be in a cage, which led to lots of discussions about predators, and what kinds of predators are in our area, and which ones eat chicks.
Anyway, there will be a scout meeting tonight for the rainbow gathering, probably a few people will come around, hopefully something useful will come of it.


  1. ...and thats why children should be taught to roll their own joints...
    its one thing to just give them tokes, but there comes a time when they are going to have to do things on their own and should be taught properly to be self-sufficient...


  2. Thankyou, Leon, for your enlightening words of wisdom


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)