Sunday, 8 July 2007

Gate Crashing

We went to a Live Earth party last night at Evey Knevey's place, it was Fancy Dress, with an "Earth" theme. I went as myself (a green majik faerie); I wore my nicest clothes and put a crown of vines and leaves on my head. Littletree went as herself (a pink faerie princess); she wore her pink 'spinning' dress and fairy wings. Purple actually got dressed up, sort of. He fashioned elves' ears out of paper and stuck them on with sticky tape, wore a brightly-coloured felted vest that we found in the house when we moved in, and my green felt hat.

Stupidly, we didnt take any photos.

On the drive down, I almost ran over a Koala, sitting in the middle of the road. It sat in the headlights and looked at us, and slowly ambled to the other side of the road, looked at us some more, before disappearing into the bush. It took more than the given 3 minutes to scrabble for my purse, get out the camera, and take a photo. Actually, I did manage a great shot, but forogt that the flash was set to OFF, so it didnt work, and by the time I got it all set right... too late. Well, serves me right for trying to photograph a magical moment, rather than just feeling the beauty.

We got to town, and not knowing where Evey lives, called her to find out. Purple was talking to her, and it took them a LOT of confusion before we finally got good directions. First, Evey just couldnt understand where Purple was saying we are, even though he told her about 6 times that we are coming into town on the road from home. She kept telling Purple to turn Left at the Post Office, he kept visualising Right...

Well in the end, we worked it out.
Turn off on the road towards the hospital, Check.
Turn immediately Right, Check.
Go up a hill and down a hill, Check
At the bottom of the hill turn Right, Check.
Drive almost until the end, and you'll see a house with lots of lights and lots of cars and combis parked. Check!

We parked, adjusted our costumes and went in. The party was nice, but we didnt know anyone there, and we were the only ones dressed up. Of course. Everyone was very nice, and commented on how cute Littletree was. We couldn't see Evey anywhere... and slowly it dawned on us... NOT THE RIGHT PARTY!!!

We went outside to call her again, we had indeed followed all the directions correctly. Just that her place was a minute further up the road!

Sheepishly we left the first place and arrived to the real party. We watched Al Gore's speech on their massive Home Theatre, and mingled with other people. Purple won the prize for best costume - a tray of organic seedlings.

And best of all!!! Littletree's best friend L arrived with her mother, J direct from Pakistan! They haven't seen each other since we were in Thailand about 6 months ago, but the girls saw each other and fell into a huge hug and then disappeared into a room to play :D

Today we will go to the Channon Market and complete Purple's packing; he flies to Israel tomorrow for work...

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