Monday, 29 November 2010

Making Decisions in Seven Easy Steps – Nuffnang Blogger Challenge

Regular readers might have noticed the new ads I have on my blog the past couple of months – they’re hosted by Nuffnang and so far I’m super in love with them; it’s a great blogging community and they have great support.nuffnanglogo

As it turns out this month they are holding The Nuffnang Christmas Blogger Challenge, which is:

Pick out the best blog post you wrote in 2010, and write a blog post which links to that post and explains why it’s your favourite.


The prize for this is an Apple iPad, which would be SUPER AWESOME to win. My first computer was an Apple: an Apple IIe to be precise. It was possibly the best computer ever made. But now there’s an iPad out there and I would so dearly LOVE to win one, not only because it’s really cool, but because early next year we’ll be going on a round-the-world trip to Argentina for the next World Rainbow Gathering, then to Israel for Littletree’s 8th birthday, then to India, because it’s Litteltree’s big dream to go to India, and if I had an iPad it would be so much easier to keep up with blogging along the way.

But the challenge… to pick out the best blog post from 2010. Whoa. I have 110 blog posts so far this year – it took a couple of hours to read through them all and select the contenders for best post. Another few hours were spent in whittling it down to a short list of 10 posts. I ummed and ahhhed for ages.

Should it be Of Rainbows and Sunsets, which has awesome pictures and encapsulates my life and my blog quite well, or should it be Surprise Flower, which is short and sweet? Should I go for something funny, like When Life Gives you Bananas or what about something that showcases Littetree’s cuteness and intellect, like The Question of Invention? And don’t forget midwifery-related posts like Beautiful Birthing.

machineStuck in a conundrum, I decided to go about this in a rational, scientific way. Obviously the solution would be to build a Decide-A-Tron like the computer they made in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to find the golden ticket.

So I got out all my tools and set to work to build the ultimate machine! Unfortunately, just like the computer in the movie, it failed to yield the correct answer.


Perhaps I wasn’t being scientific enough. I tried to concoct a super elixir that would give me infinite wisdom


Still undecided, it seemed I needed to be more methodical, so I went for the Tibetan Deduction Technique demonstrated by Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks

It turns out (as would have been evident to anyone who knows me), I never managed to hit the bottle at all.


I realised that since this is about my favourite post, I would have to delve into how I really feel about it, tuning in to the heart rather than the head, so I had a sitting with a Tarot-reader…


I now know that there is a tall, dark stranger and an Apple iPad in my future, but as to which blog post is best, I was still in the fog. Clearly, I needed to connect with my own inner being. I sat in deep meditation and asked a pendulum…


The final answer still not coming to me, I went to my Guru and Master… Littletree. She just laughed at me, and finally we went with my best blog post for 2010: Faerie Shoes.

I love this post because it’s a little humorous, it has nice pictures, and in one brief snip gives a neat look into my life and what my blog is about. And it’s the post that’s gonna win me the competition, which will be the best Christmas present ever! Best of all, we’ve decided to celebrate Christmas this year, so it will be extra excellent to have a cool present under the tree.

So, everyone, tell me what you think; how do you go about making tough decisions?


  1. Oh you always manage to put a smile on my face :) What a wonderful post!

    How do I have to make big decisions? Well thankfully I haven't had any to make lately. The ones I have faced this year I've used my brain to think about all the pros and cons and then use my heart to do the same; as well as having faith in all things happening for a reason, so knowing whatever happens there isn't a right or wrong, just another journey in life.

    PS love all the pics in this post

  2. thanks Lea :) I had SO much fun making this post.

  3. lol, fun post! good luck in the contest. i hope you win cuz i want to hear all about your trip as it happens!

  4. thanks tansy :) and that's the point - blogging my trip as it happens, rather than in monthly instalments.

  5. lol, very funny post. You'll win for sure :)

  6. Hilarious, loved the twin peaks vid...memories!

  7. Thanks Ariad, yeah, I'm sure I will win... except that it's 1/2 hour after the comp closed and my comment/entry that I left yesterday is still "awaiting moderation" and now I'm worried that for some odd reason my entry won't be counted :(
    *fingers crossed*

    and T_Y, funnily enough, I've never seen Twin Peaks - someone told me about the Tibetan Deduction Technique... but now I was to watch the show, it looks great.

  8. I hope you win.. it was a wonderful post!

  9. What a great post! I'm thinking THIS one was one of my favourite of the year. :) I love the idea of writing a post about a post that you wrote, and when you win you'll write another post about a post that you wrote that won you the opportunity to write more posts while overseas! Kind of like a Russian doll—all these lovely interconnected treasures inside. I love this—Thank you!

  10. Thanks Helena :) Yeah, this post might be my new favourite. I love the Babushka idea, such beautiful imagery.

  11. Congrats on winning an Apple ipad. You're going love it so much.

    A great present to finish off 2010!

    By the way, great photos.

  12. OMGOMGOMG!!! I won I won I won!!!
    *hops around excitedly*
    I just got the call from Nuffnang to tell me that I won the iPad :D

    and thanks Amy :)

  13. Congratulations girls on winning the iPad! It will definitely come in handy for your round the world trip too! Go you! :)

  14. I'm so glad that you won. You envisioned winning and followed it through - how awesome is that. I wanted to also say that I really enjoyed Beautiful Birthing just as much. Congratulations!

  15. thanks girl on raw; I did get what you meant :)

    and thanks herradaana. Beautiful Birthing was a close tie, I love that post as well.

  16. Congrats on the iPad win! You deserve it with that awesome post! And now I'm a follower...

  17. Hahahahaha! You are hilarious. I needed a laugh tonight. Now I need an ipad too

  18. you're welcome messy :) maybe I could write a post entitled "How to win an iPad in 7 easy steps". Step 1: be awesome. Step 2: repeat. steps 3-6: repeat. step 7: enter a competition where the prize is an ipad.


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)