Thursday, 15 July 2010

Beautiful Birthing

I’ve been busy lately with mamas birthing. It’s been a fantastic journey around trusting birth.

One birth I was at, the mama was so graceful and focussed. Every time I had thoughts about what might go wrong, or the technical things I should be doing or checking, I looked up and saw the picture she had on her wall



It was so perfect. Just reminded me to trust. Because it was all flowing exactly as it needed to; no complications, no difficulties, and the mama’s and baby’s bodies knew what to do, just as they were designed to.

At some point in her birthing process, the mama said “no more photos”, so I put my newly-acquired life drawing skills to use and drew a picture to capture the beauty of the scene – one powerful, graceful mama, deep in her process, focussed inwardly, in the bathtub with the shower running on her back.

01 steph birth

Last night I was at another birth – a second baby boy for Earth Mama and Autumn. We’d discussed making a birth plan during pre-natal visits, but I started thinking a birth plan is somewhat pointless. Earth Mama wasn’t going to hospital, and the staff rarely take birth plans seriously anyway.

This is the birth plan Earth Mama came up with in the end – I LOVE it! And we totally stuck to her plan 100% :D

19 birth plan

Stay home – stay safe!


  1. They sound like beautiful births. I love the drawing you did. You are an awesome inspirational midwife:D

  2. Hi, I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your beautiful adventures in Australia and around the world with your family. I just wanted to award you with a beautiful blogger award. You can see it here:

  3. thank you NYCitymomx3 :) I'm honoured.

  4. That post gave me chills! Especially the birth plan. May I reach such a place of inner knowing and beauty as that one day!

  5. thanks sazz - I know you will :)

  6. I hve given my support team a bit of a plan, but for me I think I'll adopt THAT plan!


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