Monday, 12 July 2010

the funniest game in the world

Littletree made up a game for us to play. she took 5 sheets of paper, and cut them into little squares. Then she got Purple to write on each square “I’m turning…” and then a number. Eventually, the squares were all numbered 1-100.

Littletree said that’s because 5x20=100 and I cut 20 squares from 5 sheets. But we were surprised because she never measured anything, and it seemed totally random that she managed to get the same number of squares from every page – some of the squares are double the size of others.

So Littletree got me to shuffle the squares – very difficult since they’re all different sizes, and deal out six to each of us. we weren’t allowed to look at our cards. Everyone also chose an age that he is turning to - “no cheating!”,


Littletree played first. She asked ‘Is anyone turning 70?” We both said no. Then it was Purple’s turn. he asked “is anyone turning 32?” Littletree and I both said no. then it was my turn. and on it went.

After a few rounds like this, I asked, “so what are the cards for?” Littletree said “oh, well, if you ask a number, and everyone says no, then everyone has to show the person one card, but you can’t look at your own card and you can’t choose which card you show.”

So Littletree asked if anyone was turning 65, and we both said no. and then we had to show Littletree one of our cards, being careful not to look at the card ourselves. We went around a few turns like this, only being that we couldn’t look at our cards, we ended up always showing the same one. Littletree said we’re not allowed to always show the same one. This was getting pretty funny and Purple and I started laughing.

After several more rounds, Purple and I were laughing so much, and Littletree said “see how fun this game is!”

Then  Littletree asked if anyone is turning 30, and Purple said “yes, that’s my number”. Littletree said “Dad you win the game!” we both fell on the floor laughing. Then Littletree said “okay, you didn’t really win, first we have to show you all our cards.” so Littletree and I showed our cards to Purple, and Littletree announced “okay, now you won! Dad, you won!”  and that was the end of the game.

By this point, Purple and I were rolling on the ground laughing hysterically. It was absolutely hilarious!


Afterwards, Littletree said she wanted to make a video of the instructions. Somehow, it’s much less funny the second time around.


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)