Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Nestlé – Voiding Your Right to Water

I’ve talked about boycotting Nestlé before, and you might have noticed the links I have on this page. I’ve been refusing Nestlé products for more than a decade now.

I knew Nestlé was a deplorable company, but I stumbled across an interview clip with the CEO of Nestlé, Peter Brabeck, and I have to say, I had no idea just how terrible these guys are.

Brabeck starts off by saying that organic food is stupid.

“Today people believe that everything that comes from nature is good… A good example is the organic movement… but organic is not best. After 15 years of eating GM products in the USA, not one single illness has occurred from eating them to date.”

Which is a bold statement to make, considering the mountains of evidence contradicting him.

But then he goes right off into saying that the concept of access to clean drinking water as a basic human right is a radical, extreme notion held by NGOs. I had no idea the UN was a radical, extreme NGO.

“Water is, of course, the most important raw material we have today in the world… there are two different opinions on the matter; the one opinion I think is extreme, is represented by the NGOs, who bang on about declaring water a public right. That means that as a human being you should have a right to water. That’s an extreme solution. And the other view says that water is a foodstuff like any other, and like any other foodstuff it should have a market value.”

What a coup! Not only should everyone feed their babies with Nestlé formula, but they should pay for Nestlé bottled water to mix it with too. Unless you listen to radical, extreme NGOs like the United Nations, and chose to BREASTFEED, which is safer, healthier, and free.

Anyway, the interview is so outrageously shocking it’s almost comical. Unbridled Capitalism at its best! You can see the tape here: 

I don’t believe that my boycotting will really make a difference to the company’s policy, but I personally can’t support Nestlé. I won’t go into it all now, but you can read HERE to get more information if you’re interested.

I’m off now to drink some water while it’s still free, and perhaps enjoy a little air before the price rise hits.


  1. the whole thing is completely ridiculous. sometimes it is so hard for me to fathom how someone can be so ignorant AND arrogant!

    Thanks for sharing this - I'll be passing it along

  2. I started boycotting Nestle awhile ago but I just wanted to say well done for doing it for so long! Thats a great effort and thankyou for posting this.. :)

  3. whoa! I'm glad I don't normally buy any Nestle products! Thanks for the insight.

  4. Fucking disgusting! I'm not surprised of course, just mad. I really wish someone would make these powerful arseholes accountable! I boycott but it feels useless :(

  5. How sad. Some people have no soul.

  6. You are right, the whole thing is almost comical...if it weren't for the casualties as a result of their ignorance and greed.
    Thanks for the inspiration to keep up with the boycott.

  7. Thanks everyone. It makes me pretty mad.

  8. Gosh I love checking old emails, finding a note from you,and popping over to learn some lovely tidbits that inspire me to share them with the world....

    I'd love to chat more often but we don't seem to have each other's emails.... ahhhmmmm. ;) well.


    do you know my last name?... if you email my first and last and the numbers 42 at yahoo dot com, it'll send to me...

  9. great plan. Only I don't know your last name!

  10. Wow, I had no idea. What a crock.


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