Thursday, 22 July 2010

Faerie Shoes

I got myself some new shoes yesterday – I’m not much of a shoe-wearer, I generally don’t wear any, and I did go seven years without even owning a pair of shoes. Lately I decided that it’s healthier for me in cities to wear something on my feet – I felt sensitive to all the toxic stuff on the ground, as well as the shock of the hard concrete on my joints. Also, I’m getting more sensitive to cold with my old age.

So I wear sandals, or fake crocs when the need arises (oh, and my lovely gumboots when it’s muddy).

Then I got a free trial voucher to do some kind of dance class at the local gym. I’ve never been to a gym before, but the class sounded fun, and why not take a free trial. I could surely use a bit of extra fitness!

A woman from the gym called me to say I’d gotten a free trial, and I asked what I need to bring. She said “oh, just wear comfortable clothes and sneakers”

Sneakers? Like, Running shoes?” I asked, dubiously, “Can’t I go barefoot?”

No, you can’t be barefoot, but just wear your regular sneakers”

but I don’t have any”

well, you can wear any closed-in shoe with a flexible sole”

ummm… okay”

The only enclosed shoes I have are my gumboots. Somehow, as stylish as they are, I can’t see myself doing a workout in them. I was ready to let the whole thing go and forget about it, but Purple encouraged me to at least try to get appropriate shoes.

Since we were in town anyway, Purple sent me into the local mini department store to see if there was anything I could get that would suit… nothing at all in the ladies’ shoe section; barely anything in my size, let alone anything I’d want to wear. And nothing green.

But then I spotted a nice shoe in the men’s section; not green, but a slightly greenish kind of beige leather. On sale! I figured I could dye them or something, so I picked up a nice pair of leather shoes for $25.

Then at homeschool group, I sat with a green permanent marker, making the shoes more my style


They look awesome now :)



and the best part: they’re super comfy! :D


  1. i am in love with them! makes me want to go buy some just like it. i have a set of permanent markers just waiting to be used!

    how was the class? have you taken it yet?

  2. You're such a hippie. I love you.

  3. Hello! I stumbled across your blog today, and have been browsing through. I admit I had to google "unschooling," but, having done so, I'm intrigued. I don't have children yet, but when I do, I might consider that... It's a ways off, but I do like the idea! (I went to a rather unorthodox alternative high school, so I might be more comfortable than your average bear with unusual methods of learning and teaching.)

    But anyway! The reason for my comment! I write a blog called The Daily Faerie (, and I'm always looking for interesting crafy/DIY things to post about. I was wondering if you'd mind if I linked to this post? Your shoes are absolutely delightful. :-)

  4. thanks B, the class is this morning. You should totally try it out.

    I love you too, Beth :)

    Kat, you're welcome to link to me from your blog; it looks great.

  5. You did a fantastic job on those shoes, I'd love a pair like that. Have you been to the gym yet? I'm wondering if it is a rumba class? They seem to be popping up everywhere these days & are being heavily promoted.

  6. These look super-wonderful.
    good on you!

  7. Oops I mean zumba. Not rumba. No matter, whatever it was, I hope it was fun.


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