Sunday, 21 November 2010

My Little Houseguest

It’s been very busy this weekend in the Majikfaerie household, with the village festival happening and the scout council for the next Australian Rainbow Gathering being hosted in my house.

We’ve all been busy helping with the festival – Purple was on the crew helping to set up stages and whatnot and I was one of the official First-Aid crew, while Littletree was performing in two of the acts.

There’s been about twenty rainbow people staying in our home, which has been crazy and wonderful – the best part being that I’ve not had to do any dishes all weekend!


And my favourite houseguest of all:

31 spider


  1. Sounds busy.
    I love those st andrews cross spiders they are one of my favourites.

  2. I hope that you're having fun in your house full of hippies. And good luck with the scouting, I hope that you find a location that is everything you're searching for.

  3. I love those spiders too, Ariad.

    and yeah, I'm sure the perfect site will manifest itself, Lea

  4. Wow! What a gorgeous spider! I love it. Blessings.


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