Sunday, 7 November 2010

New Article – Love is its Own Reward

Another natural parenting article of mine was published on Essence of Life last month, it’s called Love is its Own Reward, which you can read HERE. It’s about raising children without bribes and rewards, but connecting with them through love and respect. The article goes as a partner with my previous article, Respect Not Punishment which you can read HERE.


  1. This article was absolutely wonderful. I forwarded to a few of my friends who are new mothers. I wanted to ask you if you'd consider making a button to advertise your blog. I would love to feature one for you on my own blog, as I read your blog often--

  2. Great article!
    You are wonderful:D

  3. oh thanks sage wild :)
    the little buttons down the side of your blog are cute! I'll see what I can do. :)

    and Ariad: takes one to know one ;P


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