Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Little Christmas Tree

Littletree had a few friends staying over for a little slumber party last week and the kids found an old box of tinsel and baubles that we had stashed in a closet.

For the record, I would like to point out that these decorations were bought by Littletree in late February last year because she thinks they’re pretty. Which makes them just decorations, not Christmas decorations.

Anyway, the kids found the decorations and decided to make a Christmas tree. They went outside and found a suitable bamboo cutting and then set about decorating it.

33 christmas tree

Then they got all the old baubles and threaded new strings on them

35 christmas tree

and made stars and new decorations out of paper and colours and glue

36 christmas tree

Finally, the finished product standing all sparkly in our fireplace

37 christmas tree

Not really my cup of tea, but the kids had a great time doing it :)


  1. I do believe that's the awesomest Christmas tree I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of Christmas trees.

  2. yeah, I guess it is pretty awesome. it was, at least, very spontaneous. and I think the fact that Christmas is sort of approaching is entirely coincidental.

  3. that is even better than Charlie Brown's tree. :-) Lurve it!

  4. I am made to believe that kids do whatever they want regardless of the time of the year or the calendar.
    My kids keep making huts in the garden even if it isnt' Sukkot...

  5. yeah, why wait for Sukkot? making huts is great fun.


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