Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Goji Goodness

A few years ago Purple and I started experimenting with making our own liqueurs based on the cherry wine recipe that was handed down from Purple’s grandmother.

The cherry wine was simply divine, and we quickly found out that the cherries can be substituted for cranberries, which was fantastically delicious. As was apricot, mango, chai, pineapple, lemon, date and various other yummy liqueurs we tried making. My all time favourites remained the original cherry and the cranberry

When we moved to Australia, dried cherries and cranberries weren’t as easy to come by as they were in Israel, but still we kept on experimenting…

And now we’ve come to the best ever – Goji Berry liqueur. Oh it’s AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!

I started with a cup of organic Goji berries (AKA wolfberries) in a bottle cleaned out with boiling water.

41 goji liqueur

To which I added 2/3 cup of organic sugar, a cup of white wine and a cup of vodka

42 goji liqueur

Put the lid on the bottle and give it a good shake

44 goji liqueur

Then let it sit in the cupboard, giving it regular shakes, for several weeks, until it’s ready. This batch was perfect after 6 weeks.


Sadly, the process has a by-product: alcohol-soaked goji berries. So my poor guests have to suffer through being served my organic, raw, homemade ice cream with adults-only goji berries. And goji berry steamed puddings. And all sorts of delectable delights.

Of course it’s all healthy and good for us, because the goji are so packed with antioxidants and amino acids and whatnot.


  1. OH, yummy! I'll definitely have to try the recipe. Blessings.

  2. thanks both :) yep, yummy is an understatement. it's FREAKIN DELICIOUS! and has quite a kick too ;)

  3. Yum!! And yes it's fruit, so definately healthy ;) You have my kind of thinking.

    I'm going to have to see what dried fruit I have in the pantry to give this a try.

    Do you make your vodka or buy it?


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)