Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I Scream! Raw Ice Cream

Littletree and I made raw, organic ice cream last night.

It’s SO outrageously delicious, and it was so easy.


1 cup raw organic cream

3 cups raw organic milk

2/3 cup raw organic rapadura sugar

3 raw organic local fresh eggs

58 raw ice cream making

Put all ingredients into a bowl and stir, stir, stir

59 raw ice cream making

Keep stirring till it’s good and frothy, then put it into the freezer. Every 15 minutes or so, take it out and give it another stir with a beater or fork to break up the ice crystals

60 raw ice cream making

Keep freezing and stirring till it’s ice cream! The finished product:

61 raw ice cream making

And the result?


62 raw ice cream making

Yeah, that’s Littletree eating our super healthy, raw, organic, fresh, home-made ice cream on a crapola Home Brand cone… funnily enough, she refused to eat the cone, but wanted it anyway, to hold the ice cream LOL

I can’t wait to start experimenting with flavours… mmm mocha swirl, carob fudge, fresh berries…


  1. mmm!mmm!
    I've always wanted to make ice cream. You make it look so easy!

  2. Yum Yum Yum! I never used to eat the cone either! LOL! They sure are good for holding the ice cream though!

  3. Would you care to share you buy (or otherwise obtain) your raw milk?

  4. toria; I got this milk at the local organic store - it's cleopatra's bath milk, which is organic raw milk from a dairy in QLD. but sometimes we also get raw milk fresh from a local dairy, depending on availability.

  5. ooh! This sounds good- did you not put any flavor in it at first and it was still good? I have never had "plain" ice cream. . . .

  6. I didn't put any flavour in it (not even vanilla coz we ran out), so this was "plain" ice cream, but it has a very distinctive caramel flavour from the rapadura sugar, which gives it the brown colour too. and it's seriously delish!

  7. oh yummo.. going to try this out for sure!!!

  8. I am jealous, raw cream! It sounds lovely! We have an ice cream maker (frozen barel that spins) that we make non dairy ice cream in in summer.

  9. 最近Hがマンネリしてると思っているアナタ!SMプレイをしてみませんか?あなたのSM度を測れるサイトが誕生しました!SMに興味が無いと思っているあなたも実は本当の自分に気づいてないだけかも!?


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)