Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Like a Duck

Littletree can swim! My little girl, who started out in life with major water issues is swimming, without floaties or anything, even with her face in the water!

This is the same girl who had serious sensory processing disorder, who would become hysterical if so much as a single droplet of water got on her clothes and scream as if tortured if any splashed on her face.

She used to go weeks without a bath – I’d grab her and give her a wipe with a washcloth, and she’d be totally traumatised by it. Slowly, slowly, I’ve been patient, supporting her, and letting her work through it.

She’s been making amazing progress, first getting into a the pool with a float ring, but still not going past where she could touch the bottom, then moving out into the water in her ring. Then she started with arm floaties, and got more and more comfortable in the water. (you can read a little about the journey here and here and an article I wrote here.)

Last week we went to the pool for homeschool group, and one of Littletree’s friends gave her a pair of flippers – she tried out swimming without any floaties for the first time ever, and she was actually swimming!

Then today we went to the pool in town with Littletree’s friend, Princess. Littletree actually tried out swimming without even the flippers, and she put on her goggles and put her whole head under the water!

69 swimming

For most people, I know it’s not such a big deal, but for me, it’s huge. To see my kid put her face in the water and enjoy it is huge. And knowing that she got through her fears in her own time, without major trauma or pressure from me or someone pushing her to “get over it” is huge.

67 swimming

At this point, she’s just dog-paddling, we can work on swimming properly this summer, but for her to be happy in the water fills me with a lot of joy :)

68 swimming 


  1. Wonderful News! And yes, this IS huge! I totally understand. My first girl was terrified of water when she was little too and would only go in decked in floats and clinging to an adult. It took her a long long time to feel safe. Her sister on the other hand jumped in as a baby with no fear yet now at 19 will not put her face in the water.

    Little Tree looks so happy in the water. Im so happy for her! What a great accomplishment! Yay!

  2. that is fantastic news! :)
    - I'm hoping my 5yo will be just like miss little tree!

  3. This is a very wonderful thing for you to celebrate together. Very Very exciting :)

  4. that is such great news, especially with the warmer weather on the way. She will have such a fun summer. I think it is wonderful that you let her do it in her own time, I have seen so many kids at swimming lessons totally distraught because they are pushed into something they are not ready for. Nice to see other mamas who trust their kidlets :)


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