Saturday, 5 September 2009

Life Drawing

I went to my first Life Drawing class this week. I’ve never been very good at drawing; my level is generally in the area of stick figures. If I draw a picture, people often comment, “wow, did Littletree do that?”

So I was pretty sceptical about the possibility of me getting anything out of the class, or not embarrassing myself, but I gave it a go anyway, and the results were amazing.

The first pictures were done on short poses, and I was thinking, ‘this is terrible, what am I doing here.’ As you can see – nothing really to be proud of

09 life drawing

But the next ones were getting a bit better

10 life drawing

Then we did some longer poses – 5 minute ones, and I could really get into it

11 life drawing 

I got a few tips from the teacher and started working more on shading

12 life drawing 

Then we worked on some longer poses – this one was 15 minutes so I had time to really develop it

13 life drawing 

Finally, we spent 20 minutes on one pose, and I’m so amazed by the result. The teacher put on some trance music, and I started really grooving to it, not worrying so much about drawing a “perfect” picture, but just flowing with the moment. I spent ages shading in time with the music and the end product:

25 life drawing

I’m so proud of myself for letting go of my fear that I can’t draw, and plunging in, risking looking stupid, and surrendering to it. And I love this picture! I stuck it up on my wall. Every time I see it I marvel at how I could have possibly created such a thing. It’s been such a transformational experience on so many levels – I can’t wait for the next class!

Though I will miss next week’s class, because tomorrow I’m leaving to drive to Canberra for the Homebirth Rally


  1. Nice creating! I love seeing the series from start to end, thank you for sharing!

  2. well done for beating your fear into submission lol the results are fantastic so keep it up you're doing so well xx

  3. Wow, you're inspiring. Thanks for this, it feels like it's specially for me, I'm braving some creativity tomorrow, nothing as ambitious as this though.

  4. These are truely good creative works.If your sketches are this good after the first try just imagine how amazing your art will be soon as you get more confindent in your abilities:)

  5. Great drawings!
    And good luck at the Homebirth Rally. :)

  6. Fantastic! I love life drawing, and I love seeing how you improved in such a short time!! The end drawing is amazing!

    Don't know if I've commented before, but I'm a long-time lurker... love your stuff! And as a Kiwi homebirther, best of luck for the homebirth rally!

  7. UMMMM HELLOOOOO! You CAN draw! And nicely at that! Way to go faerie!

  8. Lovely work MF, great that you faced your fears, and found a fantastic new avenue for your creativity.


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