Friday, 25 September 2009

Spring Dust Storm

We had a major dust storm here on Wednesday – it was the Spring Equinox, and I had an awesome day planned for home school group; I was going to make rice paper spring rolls with the kids, and do some spring-themed crafts, and then in the afternoon Littletree was going on a play-date while I went to a pre-natal at a new client’s house.

Only there was a massive wind ripping through the valley, which was followed by massive clouds of red dust.

This was the view from our balcony at 10:30am

63 dust storm

And this is how it looked an hour later:

64 dust storm 1 hour later

Here’s how it looked the next morning, after everything cleared:

65 after the dust storm

Life on Mars alright!

So home school group was cancelled, we closed all our doors and windows and spent the day cooped up inside the house, marvelling at the online pictures of the dust storm in Sydney. This thing was huge; it covered half of the East coast. The excitement never stops around here.

And now everything is dusty! At least we can console ourselves with ice cream ;)


  1. Australia's loss is New Zealands gain, 5 000 000 tons of topsoil for Kiwi carwashers.

    Australia is the new Africa.

    You dont need the Burning man experience, there you have it.

    I stood in front of a Arizona dust storm, it is incredible with this wall approaching menacingly, calm, and then it hits you, like a punch. While scouring your eyes with dust...

    Oh I got to experience the long range affect of a 50 ton bomb blast too, there in Yuma... I almost fell down with the impact.

    How goes the fight against Australian Internet censorship...?


  2. We copped it all the way up here in Brisvegas as well MF, I swear I STILL 'taste' the dirt in the air! Wish we had some of your ice cream to console ourselves with! lol


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