Monday, 21 September 2009


We’re a co-sleeping family, and it’s been an awesome part of our lives (especially the bit where I didn’t have to get up out of bed several times each night to feed the baby when she was still breastfeeding).

But we started talking lately about the idea of Littletree sleeping in her own room. She has her own room in our new house; a very nice, big one with lots of windows and sunshine, and pink sparkly things and a closet full of clothes and toys… however she doesn’t play or sleep in there.

The room was basically a glorified toy box. I asked Littletree why she didn’t like to play in there or sleep in there, and she said that it’s “spooky” and too far away from us – it is the opposite end of the house from where Purple and I have our office spaces set up.

She also said that she wanted to have a “proper” bed, rather than what I prefer, being a thin futon on the floor.

So while she was out at a friend’s house one day, I went to the charity thrift store in town and bought a second-hand bunk bed! It’s one with a single bed on top and a double at the bottom, which means I can still co-sleep with her if she needs it.

We snuck it home, and set it up in my bedroom (where we all usually sleep), and moved all of Littletree’s toys and furniture in there, her desk, craft stuff, play mat and all.

When she got home, I said there’s a surprise for you in the bedroom…

44 new bed

She was so excited! :) She spent the rest of the evening in there, playing, only to come out every 10 minutes to say “thank you so much for my new room, mama!”

She’s slept in there no problems the last three nights, and since the room opens on to the living room where Purple and I are both working, she’s been hanging out in there and playing a lot too.

Best of all; I’ve been able to sleep all stretched out :D

And unrelatedly, I went to my second life drawing class – all of the pictures I did can be seen on my flickr page, but the best two were these:

An attempt at single-line drawing – this whole picture is just one line, done without taking the charcoal off the page at all – even the shading

47 life drawing

My first attempt at using pastels:

46 life drawing

I’m really enjoying the drawing class, and discovering a freedom of expression :)


  1. Wow, thats great that you got to co sleep for so long!!
    My girl asked for her own bed when she was about 2 and a half.
    So we brought her all her own stuff for her room and she has loved it.
    She sleeps around 10 hours solid every night. She knows she can come into our room whenever she wants, but rarely does. :(
    I do miss co sleeping sometimes though, I love those morning snuggles...! :)

  2. Wow, awesome drawing MF! And yay for co sleepers moving on! Must have been the right time for her :D

  3. Congratulations to Little Tree for graduating to her own bed. Thats great. Im sure there will still be lots of co-sleeping nights though but that will be fun too, just like a sleepover. Your drawings are great, you have a bit of talent there I see!

  4. You can still co-sleep with her if YOU need it...

    But now your dreads have room to spread out too!


  5. I love your drawings. For someone who started the class thinking that you *couldn't* draw, you have definitely proven yourself wrong! :)


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