Thursday, 3 September 2009

Antarctic Beech

On the weekend we went for a drive up to the Border Ranges National Park, which is absolutely spectacular ancient rainforest with stunning views out over the Wollumbin caldera.

91 wollumbin

We had a lovely picnic and then ventured deep into the rainforest to the stand of Antarctic Beech trees.

94 antarctic beech

It’s such a powerful, ancient tree. What looks like 6 or 7 trees that we are playing in here is actually one tree!

95 antarctic beech

I lay in the tree for a while, just feeling the energy, recharging… and I loved how my hair mingled with the tangled roots, feeling my true faerie self come out :)

97 antarctic beech 

It was a beautiful day in the forest. Then we drove back down the hill to a party and finished the day having a good dance with lots of friends.


  1. One would think that terms "Antarctic" and "rainforest" are mutually exclusive. I had no idea such trees existed. They are beautiful.

  2. the Antarctic Beech trees are actually a remnant from the days of Gondwana land, when Australia, South America and Antarctica were connected as one land mass. Antarctica once had rainforest on it. and there's related Antarctic Beech trees in South America as well :)

  3. What a beautiful day - you are one inspiring mum x

  4. Love the last photo. Very serene.

  5. Beautiful hair, beautiful tree, beautiful...

  6. Beautiful photos.

    It looks so warm where you are it's freezing up here in the mountains.

    Im itching to get out bush walking again. It been too cold and windy here in the last few weeks.


    Yep even I am lost for words, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. That is a fabulous photo of you lying among the tree roots. I love it! Beautiful! Blessings.

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