Friday, 7 November 2008

Playing With Water

Littletree was feeling 100% healthy by last night, so today we came into town to go to the library for storytime.

I would like to make clear that while Littletree was delirious from fever, that is pretty normal for her with fevers. She was like that for only about 3 hours, and I was checking for other symptoms that would have indicated a trip to the doctor; there were none. The only symptom she had was fever.

I spoke with our doctor, who was of the opinion that there was no real cause to bring her in, and letting the fever run its course was probably the best action.

Anyway, after library we went for our usual play-date at Princess' house. It's a hot day, so Princess' mother got out the hose for a few minutes to cool the girls off.

41 water play

It was great to see Littletree running happily through the spray; she's come such a long way with regards to water.

42 water play

Just a year ago she was terrified of getting in water, and even a few drops splashed on her was enough to terrify her. It's been wonderful to watch her process, as she faces her fear and gets more and more used to being in water.

She still hasn't gotten to the point of full immersion, or putting her face into water, but we're getting there.


  1. Im glad Littletree feeling better.

    Wow how did you hold your camera still for the snake photo. I would been shaking, I actually like snakes but Brownsnakes and Red bellies scare me. Living in the Blue Mountains. Im bound to run in to one some day, Katie gets snakes at her school there a Python that lives under the chook shed at her school at the moment.:)

  2. As it is starting winter here in Canada it is wonderful to see the bright sunshine warming your end of the world! I LOVE the little girls rubber boots!


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