Thursday, 6 November 2008

Dramas in the Majikfaerie Household

I was sitting with Littletree tonight, watching a movie, when we heard a rustle up on the pantry shelf. I thought it was probably a rat, but I haven't seen one for a couple of days, and this didn't sound quite like a rat, so I went to investigate...

it was...

36 snakes

Two brown snakes!

Naturally, the first thing I did was get my camera and snap a few shots.

I'm not much of a snake expert, but they looked like brown snakes, which are terribly poisonous, the second most poisonous land snake in the world. There are brown snakes on our property, so though it seemed weird to see two of them together, and at night, I had to assume that's what they were.

Not knowing what to do, I called my neighbour, who gave me the number for the local Snakeman.

The Snakeman came out straight away, despite it being 11pm. By the time he got here, my little brown buddies had slithered away, but he did look at the photos, and declared them not brown snakes, but brown tree snakes. Still poisonous, but not nearly as dangerous.

The Snakeman turned out to be an interesting guy, and we chatted for a while about shamanism and snakes and the Hare Krshnas. I told him about my drama last night with Littletree being sick.

Littletree came down with a fever the night before, when we were staying over at a friend's house. She wasn't too well all yesterday, being feverish and headachey, but last night around 7pm her fever spiked and she spent a few hours alternating between sleeping fitfully for about 15 minutes, and waking up and being delirious for a while.

It was pretty scary, at some point she was waking up and calling for me, she stared through me as if I wasn't there, and didn't seem to recognise that I was holding her. She started to see things I couldn't see.

Difficult though it was to see my little girl sick like that, I held firm in the knowledge that there is no danger in a fever whatsoever, as long as it's not a case of heatstroke or meningitis (both of which I can rule out), and did my best to support her, keep her hydrated, and let the fever run it's course and do it's work in healing my child.

At some point, I decided to burn some sage to smudge the house. I had a strong feeling that there were some negative energies around, so I worked on clearing them.

Right when I finished, Littletree settled into a restful deep sleep, and even responded lucidly when I carried her upstairs to bed, so I guess something worked. :) This morning Littletree woke up and vomited, still with a low fever, but by the end of the day she seems perfectly fine.

So it's been just one drama after another around here!


  1. I want to hear more about burning sage and smudging the house.

  2. Scary moments to be sure! Glad to hear that Littletree is on the mend and that you're snake free!

  3. I've been whining about a few small mice I have seen in the house recently. But after reading this post, I think I'll zip it, lol.

  4. I like that you say "She started to see things I couldn't see." rather than just, "She started to hallucinate."

  5. Woman of steel! I don't think that grabbing my camera would've been my first thought on seeing not one but two snakes, be they brown, green or sky blue pink! - well, maybe if they were sky blue pink.... hmm.
    I'm glad Littletree is feeling better and that you not only averted a (potentionally!) major crisis but managed to gain a new interesting friend into the bargain!


  7. Fevers CAN be dangerous once you reach the level of delirium. That child NEEDS to be taken somewhere safe. Your housing conditions & the lack of healthcare calls for immediate CPS removal.

  8. thankyou for your ignorance, anonymous. I know who you are :)
    You really have no idea what my housing conditions are like, or anything about me, other than specualted opinions based on snippets of information from internet sites. Hardly reputable sources. *rolls eyes*

  9. ummm yeh a happy child would be best off to be removed and put in the care of total strangers *rolls eyes*

    So glad Little tree is feeling better now Magik :0)
    It's much better healing at home than being in a hospital, scared, uncomfortable and at risk of catching a million other bugs floating around the waiting room LOL

    Great photo of the snakes too!!!
    Glad they moved on though.

  10. anonymous, your ignorance calls for immediate removal from the planet bt human welfare services.

  11. Hey, big mouth, if you're so sure of yourself then at least show the courage of your convictions and use your name - or do you need hospital care for your apparent lack of backbone? Take no notice of the stupid ignoramus who obviously doesn't think that seeing is believing. We only have to look at Littletree to see what a happy, balanced confident human being she is, she knows that you're there for her whenever she needs(or even just wants)you and has much more love and support from you, Purple and your loving extended family than most kids from 'conventional' families ever have. If you cut your hair, wore a skirt, blouse, 4 inch heels and a face full of max factor would that make you a better mam? Of course if we continue along that line then you could always do 9 till 5 every day and leave Littletree in childcare and let others do the childrearing for you as you become more and more eslaved by the material merry go round.
    On the other hand if you look at it like that then i'm pretty sure that given the choice she'd much rather be with you lliving your wonderful life, confident in you and yours and learning all the wonderful lessons that life has to offer her every single day. Sorry Ela, another rant on your comments, people like this loser p**s me off. I wonder who's kids are the mst happy? I think most of us'd have a pretty strong idea about that. You don't need anyones approval as to how you raise your child but all i can say is that you've done a blinding job so far, if it aint broke then don't fix it! xXx

  12. You dont know me, I got your blog link from MDC but I just had to comment about this. . .
    "Anonymous" - I am 21 years old and have NEVER been in the hospital and only twice was to the doctor since I was born. Im perfectly healthy.

  13. Ok I had a hard enough time with the Albertas Canada, we have no rats and boarder rat patrols... but the snakes...aaahhhh I would die. I was goign to suggest you and Little Tree come for a visit and our family would come there... but I will stay here and you can come visit us....ina hyouse with no snakes or rats! You have a place to hang your hat in Canada if you ever want to come!

  14. I have a feirce respect for smakes but like bears, sharks and aligators, I promise to respect thier private space and I request the same from them! yikes!

    Snakes outside=cool!
    Snakes inside=scary!

  15. oh wow... I just read that buttwipe anonymous' post... what a douchbag!

    anonymous=ignorant corward!


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