Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Capoeira Mud Wrestling

I gave a capoeira workshop today at the Home schoolers group, which was a lot of fun :)

50 capoeiraAbout half a dozen kids joined in; most of them got the gist of some basic moves, and I got a good workout into the bargain. (as you can see, I needed one!)

49 capoeira

It was really nice to get some exercise, since we've been pretty much at home the whole time since we went to pick Purple up on Saturday. He's been having a really hard time recovering from the jet lag this trip.

Here's Littletree practicing with a friend.

53 capoeira

After the workout, Littletree and Anasho cooled off by running out in the rain and playing in the mud.

56 mud

They had a load of fun, and thankfully the hall where we hold our group meetings has hot showers. I kind of pushed Littletree a bit to go in; she didn't like it too much (well, she was okay with it, but she got hysterical when I started washing her face)

58 mud


  1. haha that looks like fun! i wanna do it too :P

  2. I don't know about the kids, i want to splash around in the mud and be free, it'd be a lovely mud spa treatment for the entire body and, best of all, for free!!!

  3. looks like fun! Mud is always a good time :-)

  4. MMMMMMMMHMMMM! I'm with Hippymummy! Move over Little tree, its aunties turn! LOL! Just gorgeous MF! A lovely bath!

  5. Capoeira looks way cool- I wish I had the time to add that to my life! As for mud bathing, I did pleanty of that when I was LT's age. My dad decided that he didn't want mud in the bathtub, so I got hosed down outside the house! It's great fun....

  6. I have just given you an award, check it out on my blog

  7. I have three girls, aged 6, 4 and 2, and in the rainy season they always come home covered in mud when they play outside : they too roll in the mud, lol.
    With sunshine they strip down to play in the nice fresh mud:).
    Too many people now keep their kids clean at all times. Don’t play in the mud, don’t do this and don’t do that ... The fun in being a child is being free. Who wants to play in the yard and stay spotless!

  8. My sister and i used to go out and play a lot when i was small.(She's 4yrs younger that me). She used to run, splash, climb and do basically anything, never a speck of muck on her. I'd hover behind, avoiding the muck to no avail, i'd return homme filthy dirty, holes in socks ang glasses squew wift on my face to a right good telling off from mam no matter how hard i tried to be otherwise. As a result i've tried to never make an issue about dirty play but how i would've loved to play like LT when i was her age, totally free with a mammy who puts fun first xXx


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