Saturday, 8 November 2008

Gazing 'Cross the Universe

As I mentioned earlier, Littletree has lately been fascinated with astronomy, begging for me to buy her a telescope. I'm still looking into it; it's such a tricky proposition to find the right balance between too pricey and too crappy with this kind of thing.

I thought we'd try to get some exposure to astronomy and see where the fascination takes us before I take the plunge and spend a bunch of money on something that could turn out to be an expensive doorstopper if she loses interest in 5 minutes.

So, joy of joys when I saw a flyer advertising an astronomy night at our local cafe!

We booked ourselves a table for pizza at the cafe, and arrived just in time to see the telescope being set-up.

Littletree was ecstatic, and asked loads of questions. She avidly watched a DVD presentation about the planets, and flipped through star charts and astronomy magazines.

We had a good look through the telescope; we could see craters on the moon! As soon as she'd had a turn, Littletree ran to get her doll so she could see too

45 astronomy humit

Sadly, it started clouding over, but I found out that the people who do it, StarryNight do regular moon viewings in the area, and they have a planetarium for shows for school groups. I'm planning on organising them to bring the planetarium to our homeschool group one week :) It's very exciting.


  1. Wow! Sounds great! It will be hard to find a telescope as good as that one though! I would love to have one that good!

  2. We used to go to the astromomy nights at Macquarie Uni. That's when we lived in Sydney - Katie loved it.

    My Dad bought a telescope - it ended up being a dust collector.

  3. Hey- did you know there will be a solar eclipse partially visible in Aus on Monday?
    (This is honolula from the mothering dready heady thread. Hi!)


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