Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Majikfaerie and the House Hunters

It's a jungle out there. Literally. We live in the rainforest.

We've decided to move. You might remember my recent posts about house hunting; we're looking to buy a large property, but in the meantime, we've decided we don't want to stay in the house we're in any more. We want to rent a house in town till we find our dream property.

It's a big move for me, to leave the lush greenery and spring water we have here. I love our place, it's like living in a little hobbit house. But I have to admit; it's a bit too small for us - our house is a one-room cabin, about 60sqM including the little loft that's our bedroom. Not to mention that the flue is made from asbestos and cracking, and after repeated requests to replace it, the landlord isn't doing. And it floods every time we have a heavy downpour. Oh, and the snakes and spiders...

So, yeah. We agreed to rent a place in town. We even applied to rent a three bedroom apartment right in the centre of town, just 100 metres from Littletree's friend, Princess.

I'm not too keen on living in town, and really not keen on an apartment, but this place was somehow nice, and the location made it totally doable - Littletree would practically be able to walk to her friend's house any time. Princess' mother, Queen said we could use their big back garden to put Littletree's trampoline, and we made plans to share the kids often so we'd have more free time, and they'd have more play time. Littletree loved the place, she was jumping out of her skin begging us to get it and move in right away!

It all seemed perfect. And I did like the idea of not having to drive 12km each way every time we go to town. :)

Only we didn't get the place. Only 2 people applied and they gave it to the other couple. Why? Well, I called the agent and asked them. They said our application was incomplete.

WTF? When I put the application in, I showed it to the woman in there, and asked her about supporting documents we might need. I showed her my ID and our current rent ledger. She said the application was fine just as it is. So I thought it was fine. GRRRR!

Anyway, we didn't get it. What to do. Back to the drawing board. Hopefully we find something soon.


  1. Good luck finding a place. We rented a normal place in between living in humpies and buying our place and it was a compromise but it was right at the time. Hope you find a nice real estate agent or private rental.

  2. hope you find a place soon that is good for you. my dp, panda and i are also looking for a rental we, didnt get the house we wanted either.would be so lovely to just have that community :)

  3. Aw that sucks mf, I hope a wonderful and amazing alternative falls in your lap. In the meantime you have my never-ending respect simply for dealing with the spiders. The snakes I could deal with, but spiders? Notsomuch! Good luck!

  4. I hope the place that is right for you comes up with loads of space and a garden of your own for LT to bounce to her hearts content in xXx

  5. sounds to me like time to call on the angels...Jeremial, Jophiel or Chamuel, perhaps your own one?
    Not sure how happy a majikfaerie is with angels, but i love them dearly!

  6. i've been reading an article by a guy who built hi own house for not a lot of money (compared to the price of a mortgage!) it is in the independent newspaper, if the link doesn't work check out environment section, green living - how i built my house for...

  7. thanks lotusbirther. we do plan to build such a house, the problem is in getting the land to start with. and where to live in the meantime.

  8. oh, i see, well, you have a good plan at least. do you know which area of land you'd like? into a hillside? (might be cheaper/easier for permission from land spirits and local govt?) i can send you some links if you like
    i still maintain angels are an excellent source of assistance too


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