Saturday, 1 November 2008

Macadamia Castle

I took Littletree and her friend Princess to the Macadamia Castle on Friday, which is a local tourist attraction with a kind of farmyard petting zoo.

24 macadamia castle

The girls had a great time, they played a round of mini-golf

03 maca mini gold

Rode on the little train

05 maca train

Fed goats

20 maca goat feeding

Patted bunnies

18 maca seq bunny

And played in the treehouse

22 maca treehouse

It was a fun day anyway :) Littletree has been keeping me so busy the last weeks, I think we've been out every day, visiting someone or on some activity.


  1. Looks like Little Tree had yet another fantastic day!!!

  2. gotta love that tree house !! it looks awesome :)

  3. Wonderful and that tree house looks like lots of fun! I will have to check it out next time Im up that way!


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