Wednesday, 26 November 2008


It's a miracle.

Yesterday, Littletree, Purple and I went to look at some properties, and on the way home, we had an accident.

It all happened very fast. I lost control of the car around a bend; we slammed into an embankment at about 80kph. The car bounced back, span around 360 degrees and went off the road into a gully.

The car stopped, barely an inch from rolling down a 20M drop. 

74 crash

Amazingly, the car didn't roll off the cliff, and all three of us were able to clamber out of the car and walk away unscathed.

Some passersby stopped and helped us out; we were pretty shaky and in shock.

We had to wait a while for the roadside assistance service to come out, then wait a while longer for a tow truck to come, and then even longer for a different tow truck to come and the police to come.

It was quite an event for the truck to winch the car out of the gully and tow it away; the police needed to close the road while that was happening.

After the car was out, one police officer went over to see what had saved us from going over the cliff. He stood there shaking his head, and then looked at me and said "someone was really watching out for you; I can't see anything here that stopped you from tumbling down the cliff"

It was really scary looking down over that drop. There wasn't anything I could see that would have stopped us from rolling over. I guess we were being watched over, that's for sure.

It sucks that our beloved Little Blue Sky is now dead, and I had to pay a fortune for the tow truck, and now we need to buy a new car, but thankfully, we weren't hurt. (well, I banged my knee, which is giving me some trouble, but nothing serious).

Even more lucky, our friend, who is borrowing our van, Sunshine from us, came to our rescue and picked us up, and arranged for us to rent a car from a friend of hers, so we already have a new, temporary car. I've dubbed her "Murky".

75 murky

We don't really like Murky all that much, but at least she's sort of green, and at least we have a car to drive until we can buy a new one!


  1. Phew! I for one am really glad you stayed where you did! Thank goodness for being looked after! It's good to know there is always good news around, especially when it is someone you "know" making it!
    I hope you do all recover any auric disturbances fully and joyfully.

  2. Wow! Scary. Glad to hear you're all OK!

  3. i'm glad you're all ok too. Hope you find a suitable replacement soon. RIP bluesky xXx

  4. Oh my! How scary. Relieved that you're all OK, but sad about Blue Sky.

  5. Alghamdullilah wa shukrillah*****how amazing...centimetres away from disaster and often are we protected like that without it being made this obvious to us? I'm so happy You all are safe and sound!:)Pls can You let me know Your physical address once You've moved? I found something I want to give to You* Love & light

  6. Oh Wow! So thankful you all are ok.

  7. Holy cow! I'm so glad you are all okay! What a scary thing to happen.

  8. Wow, I bet that was indeed scary. Glad all is well, and best wishes finding replacement wheels.

  9. Mullumbimby?:)So Eve is living around Your corner...?Send my love if You bump into her;)Sweetness&Smily eyes***Khalila

  10. Im glad you're all ok.
    Ive been driving nearly 2 months now and I've had a few near misses with truck drivers.
    Driving can be pretty scary at times.

  11. Whoa baby, that was close. I always think about doing that when I'm negotiating our local roads - some of them are shite. Glad you're all okay.

  12. Oh, how frightening! My stomach is doing flip-flops just looking at that picture!

  13. Glad to hear you are okay, those roads are dangerous up your way. We nearly got wiped out on a windy road when on holidays, the other car was speeding and the road was narrow. Very scary!

  14. wow. I'm so happy you are all ok.

  15. I can't believe that *nothing* was holding you from going over the edge. Thank your little angels, lucky family, very glad you are OK xx

  16. wow im so glad your all ok. something deffinatly must be looking out for you :)

  17. I cant believe that nothing is holding was holding you from going over the edge either... it looks like that bloody row of trees, come on, anyone can see from the picture!...



  18. thanks everyone.
    and thanks leon *rolleyes* those trees were at the bottom of the gully, waaay away from the car.


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