Saturday, 3 October 2009

Shadow Puppets

This week at homeschool group, I organised a shadow puppet workshop with a local puppeteer.

The kids watched a demonstration show,

73 hs puppet workshop 

And then got to work making their own puppets

82 hs puppet workshop

There was a lot of drawing and cutting and taping (and a bit of help from parents)

80 hs puppet workshop

In the end they all made great puppets. Here’s Littletree’s

84 hs puppet workshop

Here’s the test run:

88 hs puppet workshop

Then the kids all had a great time making up little plays with the puppets and performing for each other :)

90 hs puppet workshop

It was a great day, and I’m glad we had such a good one as Littletree won’t be back at homeschool group for a month! On Monday, she and Purple at flying to Israel… without me! It will be the first time I’ve been away from her for more than a couple of days. So far she’s fine with the prospect of being without mama, and she’s really excited and looking forward to the trip, and seeing her grandparents and cousins.

I’m looking forward to having 4 weeks all to myself; I’ll get a lot of work done, and I’m sure Littletree will be fine – she’s even been sleeping on her own every night since we got the new bed! But I’ll miss her like crazy.


  1. Wow! What fantastic puppets! And wow MF, you are much braver than me! LOL! I think our oldest was around 18 when we finally went on our honeymoon LOL. I came home a day early as I was a sook! I have since managed to leave my kids once I think! (For 3 days but I took dd1 with me as she counted as a grown up so I felt so much better!) I hope LT has loads of fun with the family and that you cope okay!

  2. The shadow puppets are amazing. The more I read about your home schooling adventures the more interested I am in learning more about how it all works. There is something very weighty about holding my child's education in my own hands ... but we are poised at the beginning of our son's schooling and I can say there is also a lot of worry about handing it over to some one else!

  3. thanks karisma :)
    and lavendilly, I know I'm biased, but I've gotta say, homeschooling is a really great option that works for so many families. come and join liberated learning and chat with other natural living home schooling parents... :)

  4. I'm nearly there little guy is starting prep at a steiner school next year. One that I used to teach at. All the same, I am taking a 'wait and see' attitude about schooling for the moment. I know I have the skills to home school if it does not work out. Whether I have the energy is another thing!


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