Sunday, 25 October 2009


This week I spent four days living in my van down in Byron Bay, doing a 3-day Birthwork Workshop. The workshop was phenomenal, and my head is spinning with all I’ve learned. I can’t wait to work with these new techniques.

The workshop was held in a massive Ger (traditional Mongolian Yurt) – it’s the biggest Ger I’ve ever seen, and so beautifully decorated with crystals and altars.

01 Yurt

This was the ceiling inside the Ger, which meant we had beautiful rainbow-speckled light and fresh breezes when they opened up the sunroof.

05 celing

We learned a lot of techniques about breathing and relaxation, as well as traditional Mexican Rebozo practice. I’ve done a lot of work with rebozos before, but I added a lot to my knowledge.

06 rebozo pelvic rock 

09 rebozo pelvic rock

This is a great one; I’m comfortably supporting the full weight of this woman – such a great trick for labour support!

14 rebozo labour support

I also learned a lot about the pelvis, and how to work with the bones and soft tissues to open up the space for the baby. I’m really excited about this stuff, since I focus a lot of my work on releasing past trauma, especially with abuse survivors.

15 Pelvic opening

We also practiced traditional Mexican closing ceremony for after the birth, which felt so divine :)

39 rebozo closing

I had a great time, and made a lot of friends. It was wonderful to connect with other midwives and birth attendants, and feel a part of that community, as someone who has something to offer.

Here’s the group portrait at the end:

43 the group

I also had a lot of fun hanging out around Byron with friends, and sleeping at the beach.


  1. Wonderful.
    My home birth changed my life and I am so heartened to see this work alive in the community so many more women can have healing, spiritual, empowering experiences with the birth of their babies.

  2. Oh that looks like such a great experience. How I wish my poor sister in law had such beautiful birth attendants when my nephew was born. She had such a traumatic birth, now she is probably going to go straight for a c-section this time. Such a shame!

  3. It was really nice to meet you and work with you :) Although i haven't had much time to reflect on the workshop, I do know for certain that it has changed me and the way that I will be midwifing in the future

  4. fascinating. it is so inspiring that these techniques are being shared with you and other birth attendants. i truly believe that midwives practice spiritual work...guiding mum and bub through that transition. i teach pre-natal yoga and so while i help prepare a woman for birth it is women like you that really create the sacred space when she is birthing. do you have a website for the course you did? x

  5. Wonderful. I hope that as many women as possible get to experience birthings with women such as you and the others at that workshop. I await the day when ALL women get to choose such empowering experiences.
    The rebozo looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing, as always!

  6. What an wonderful experience....

    I love the picture of the roof.

    I'm soooo envious of you sleeping at the beach. It's been a bit cold and misty up here in the mountains.
    I'm missing the ocean. I'll be down the coast soon - my folks own a place down the south coast near the beach. I can hear the ocean when I'm in bed at night. It is such a beautiful sound.

  7. Beautiful pictures Mama :)

  8. I've always enjoyed the Midwifery Today conferences here. The leanring is wonderful when presented like that. What a beautiful space!


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