Friday, 9 November 2007

Uranus Is A Planet

Lying in bed yesterday morning, Littletree asked me if Brazil is a planet.
I said, no Brazil is a country on the planet. Australia, Brazil, Israel, Germany... they're all countries on planet Earth.
Earth is a planet, Mars is a planet, Venus is a planet, Uranus is a planet...
Littletree interrupted me, touching her bum, "My Anus is a planet?"

I still can't stop laughing!

Meanwhile, Littletree is slowly getting over her fear of water; she went swimming in the deep part of the pool for the first time!
Of course, she had her floaty ring on, but she actually got off the steps! It was a big step for her (forgive the pun).

She's been wanting to get out into the pool for a while, mentally building up to it, but still fearful. well, she was swimming with the girl from next door, and asked me if I would hold her going into the pool. I didn't get in, but I took her hand and walked around the edge of the pool. She instantly cried, "no no!", but I kept pulling her, thinking I'd just 'test the water' a bit, and if she really seemed like freaking out, I'd pull her right out and comfort her.

I managed to walk her all the way around to the deep side of the pool, she was doing okay, hyper breathing a bit and frightened, but she seemed like she was moving through the emotion just fine. So when we got near to the deepest point, I just pointed it out to her that we were away from the steps.

She puffed and panted a bit, crying a bit, and suddenly she took a breath and said, "oh. I'm fine." then she looked around her self and started shouting "I'm fine! I'm fine!!" and she was. :)

After that she was swimming for about an hour before I dragged her out.
Swim seq
Swim seq2


  1. When my kids were a lot younger, their favorite Blues Clues song was about the planets, because it said, "Uranus spins on its side!" They thought that was sooooo crazy hysterical!!

    Okay - it was!


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