Thursday, 8 November 2007

What To Do... What To Do?

I need to decide what I'm going to be doing next April.
Yep. me. the spontaneous traveller.

I need to choose between going to Israel for a month, going to the Australian Rainbow Gathering in Victoria, or attending a birth.

I had originally thought the rainbow gathering would be in March, and then we'd go to Israel for a month at Pessach (passover), and then to China in May. I'm definitely going to China no matter what. But then the Scouts decided to make the dates for the Victoria rainbow in April - starting exactly on Pessach. Crap. Then I met a woman who is pregnant and would like me to be her midwife, but she's due in mid April.

Well, of course, I really want to go to the rainbow. Technically, we could go to Israel after China, in June, though the weather will already be getting annoyingly hot by then, and I would really like to be there for Pessach, especially because it will mean a lot to Littletree's grandmother if we are there for the holidays.

I definitely want to attend the birth, though I can't plan anything, because you can never tell when a baby will be born. Especially first babies are generally after dates. though this is, of course due to the fact that the way they calculate due dates is grossly off. Average gestation for a first baby is 41.5 weeks, rather than the usually calculated 40, so of course lots of babies go 2 weeks over.

At first I thought, well, if I miss the Victoria Gathering, at least I'll still go to the New Zealand Rainbow, which is in January. but the very annoying Kiwis decided to make their gathering now, starting in the end of November and going till the end of December!

Anyway, I need to work out what we're doing so we can buy tickets. Crap.


  1. I vote midwife, but that's alot of good stuff. Maybe the fates have an answer for you if you sit on it for a little while.

  2. Wow lots of gatherings...
    I have to toss that ticket to Mexico next week to have a more secure income...get that done.... us crazies.
    I will get to his gathering in Mexico sooner or later.
    You see the reports on the floods in Tabasco. 1000 000 refugees. Thats only a few hundred k from the gathering site.
    In the future the world will have much more rainbow refugees, dont you know.

    I am back here with my little group of Psychedelic friends here in Vancouver...always a party coming up...


  3. Does Passover in Israel involve family? If so, how important is it that you spend that month with them to you and your family?

    If China falls thru in May, any chance you'd be interested in doing a housing swap for the summer? You could spend May-August basking in the sun's glory in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains while we could be all cool and soggy at your place. :-)

  4. hmmm... housing swap... that could be good.
    but I dont know how heppy you'd be in our rustic little cottage ;)

    Passover in Israel does involve family. Not my blood relatives, but Purple's family, which is, Littletree's grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles. I know littletree would love to go see them. But it doesn't make much difference to her if its for Passover or not.
    Her grandmother, otoh, really would love for us to be there for the holiday. Of course, she'll be happy to see us at any time, but the holiday would be extra special for her. and I really appreciate her, so it would be nice to go then, for her sake.
    and again, i'm back to the beginning. Is it worthwhile to be there for Passover, if it means missing either the rainbow or the birth.

  5. Ahhh, I don't know...I'm jealous of the stone walls and LT's playroom. Sadly, we don't have a pool and our place is in a condo complex. But, we do have excellent neighbors and views of the mountains from our tiny garden.

    What a blessing - that you have cool inlaws that you are willing to consider giving up a birth and Rainbow for. But, I guess that doesn't help you much, eh?


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)