Friday, 9 November 2007

Spin Movie and a Jumping Ant

Well, I was just about to post about this short film, which I found to be very entertaining...

but then this big, enormous, scarey ant crawled over the sofa!
Ant 1
yes. that is a real live ant. On a standard-sized playing card. On my sofa!!!!!


There is a nest of these ants in our veggie patch, they are aggressive, mean, nasty ants that jump pretty high. They bite with their mandibles and then sting you with their bum. its awful! But this is the biggest one I've seen.


  1. yes I was stung by one at the Australian world gathering in 2000.
    It feels like a wasp sting- yes I was surprised how big they are- no, I had never seen a jumping ant before then...
    One of Australia's many marvelous creatures, I miss it.

  2. That ant looks as if it would chase you down the street!

  3. Good grief! I won't be able to sleep tonight! Nice photo, though.

  4. Oh My... If I saw that thing coming across the couch at me, I would have nightmares for the rest of my LIFE!

    And you have those in your garden?!?!

    (Came to check out your blog from MDC by the way)

  5. Thank goodness we only have little ants in England. But even their bites are annoying. That is one scary looking ant :-O


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)